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Scullin Dental Laboratory, Inc. - Beautiful & Functional Dental Restorations


The original Scullin Dental Laboratory was started by brothers Joseph and Brendon Scullin in the Rose Building (now the Medical Mutual Building) in Downtown Cleveland. In the days before specialization, theirs was a full service laboratory known for the excellence of their gold partial frames and bridgework. The laboratory flourished for 30 years. Joe was president of the Ohio Dental Laboratory Guild (now the Ohio Dental Laboratory Association). The brothers eventually closed the lab and moved on to other ventures. Bernie went to the supply side, heading up the education department of the J M Ney company. Joe became the in-house technician for a forward thinking group of dentists in Cleveland.

Joe was also an inventor, and in 1965 was granted US Patent #3221408 for a mechanism using magnets as part of an articulation system. Ken and Lee were just little kids at the time but were recruited to help manufacture the prototypes in Joe’s basement workshop.

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