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Restorative Options

The future is here. All-Ceramics are the new standard. Depending on the requirements of the case, we have several great options for All-Ceramics.

Porcelain-Fused-To-Zirconia – Zirconia cores offer outstanding accuracy of fit and strength. Conventional ceramic application provides us with the esthetic and functional things that we’ve come to expect from dental restorations. An excellent choice for anterior, posterior, single crowns and bridgework.

E.max – Ivoclar’s breakthrough material. Outstanding strength and beautiful esthetic qualities. Ability to refract light in a very natural manner. See our Guidelines Page for preparation and usage parameters.

Feldspathic Porcelain - Feldspathic Porcelain is the ceramic that is used to overlay metal or Zirconia frameworks in your day to day dentistry. Using refractory dies, it can be used for the most esthetic restorations of all, the porcelain veneer. Veneers get much of their strength from being adhesively bonded to the natural tooth substrate. Feldspathic veneers can then concentrate on the light refractory properties that give natural teeth their natural tooth quality. Feldspathic veneers are the most esthetic restoration in dentistry. There is no substitute.

All Zirconia – Full contour monolithic zirconia crowns and bridges exhibit the amazing strength properties of zirconia while allowing a better level of esthetics than a full cast restoration. Great for applications where high strength is the priority.

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