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Why Us


We have always partnered with the best suppliers and innovators in dentistry to bring you the finest and most reliable restorative options available. Here are some of our current partnerships:


Porcelain-Fused-To-Metal – Noritake Porcelain. Noritake pioneered the internal stain technique. Internal Staining allows for color to be placed deep within a ceramic restoration making for a very deep, very natural look which is also very controllable and predictable for the technician. It allows for a very reliable result.

Alloys – We have partnered with Jensen Dental for decades because of their dedication to quality products and their strong support of excellence in Continuing Education. Their annual Education Day has put us in contact with many of the leaders in the field of Dental Technology. They are the best in the business and associate themselves with the best in the world.

Porcelain-Fused-To-Zirconia – Noritake CZR. Early porcelains designed for Zirconia restorations were riddled with chipping, cracking and delamination problems. Noritake porcelain overcame these problems very early and has become a leader in Zirconia Ceramics.

Pressed Ceramics – Ivoclar’s e.max has proven itself as the leader in this generation of pressables. Pressed ceramics offer advantages in strength and esthetics over traditional feldspathic porcelains.

All-Zirconia – Monolithic Zirconia crowns and bridges are strong. Dentistry is still refining the esthetic portion of these restorations, but for situations where you want strength in all ceramics, this is your option.

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